About the IMAG/e group

The Medical Image Analysis group (IMAG/e) is part of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The group concentrates on acquisition and analysis methods of medical images to support clinicians in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The focus is both on methodological development and clinical application. Methods are generally based on features or biomarkers derived from large sets of medical image data or on models verified on extensive clinical datasets. With the rapidly increasing amount of medical data used in practice, the trend is towards learning-based techniques to improve the accuracy and robustness of classification, segmentation and detection tasks as well as towards finding novel biomarkers of disease from the wealth of data available.

The area of interest of the group covers a variety of subjects. This ranges from imaging topics such as MRI acquisition and RF safety, to image-guided treatment for e.g. radiotherapy, to machine learning-based image analysis for neuro, cardiac and oncological applications, including MRI synthesis for cardiac segmentation and computational pathology for breast cancer prognosis.

Our staff members:

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More information on the staff can be found on the TU/e IMAG/e website.