Education FAQs

Is this Master a good choice for me?

You could consider this master if you are interested in medical imaging and if you have affinity for the exact sciences that form the basis for the field: computer science, mathematics, physics. Think whether you enjoyed the courses Beelden (8DB00/8VB30), Medische Beeldanalyse (8DC00), Beeldvormende Technieken (8VC00) and Project Imaging (8P361).

What is the difference between BME and ME?

For our group, there is no defining difference between the two in the sense that choosing one or the other will not rule out career options for you. You take the same courses. The main differences are that ME (or ME-MIx) students take the clinical modules and they have to do a master’s project in a hospital. BME (and BME-MIx) students can do the exact same master’s project, but they are also free to do a project with a company or a more theoretical project. We advise to consider ME when you truly want to focus on clinically-oriented work and want to do the clinical modules. If not, or you are not sure yet, choose BME, because you can end up doing the same project, but you leave other options open too.

Can I combine ME and MIx?

Yes, it is possible to do Medical Engineering in the joint master’s track. It will mean you do clinical modules in Maastricht and some courses in Utrecht. The courses are scheduled in such a way that they do not overlap with the clinical modules.

Does choosing the joint master’s track mean I spend most of my time on a train?

Hopefully not. The courses are scheduled for a full day, which means you spend the day either in Utrecht or in Eindhoven. For most students, it results in travelling to Utrecht one day a week. The Team Challenge is a project and meetings are scheduled by the students at times that suit them (or per Teams).

Can I take the courses in Utrecht when I am not in the joint master’s track MIx?

BME and ME students can take the courses given by the UMCU, without being enrolled in the MIx master, but they have to list them in their free space rather than their specialisation space.

Why would I choose MIx rather than BME/ME in Eindhoven?

First of all, you will receive a degree from a joint master. Also, when you are enrolled as a MIx student, you can more easily fit courses from Utrecht in your programme, because they are standard specialisation courses for MIx students. Finally, you have a preferred position relative to a non-MIx student when it comes to doing projects at UMCU.

As a MIx student, do I have to do my master’s project in Utrecht?

No, there is absolutely no obligation to do so. You can do a project at another hospital, at TU/e, or with a company (unless you are an ME-MIx student; then only options with hospitals are open to you).