General questions

Where can I find an overview of MIx courses in Utrecht?

An overview can be found on

How do I register for MIx courses as a non-MIx student?

When you are not registered as a MIx student, you do not have a Utrecht student number and hence cannot register via Osiris. If you do want to take an Utrecht course in your free space, you can register for the courses listed on the MIX site by sending an email to Please include your name, student number, Master’s programme and the course code.

How are my grades for courses in Utrecht registered in Eindhoven?

Your grades for the courses listed below are automatically transferred. For any other course, you will have to request the Utrecht educational office to do so.

  • BMB502417 – Programming for medical imaging (8UU00)
  • BMB4708022 – AI for Medical Imaging (8UU22)
  • BMB4709022 – Diffusion MRI (8UU23)
  • BMB4710022 – Image-guided therapeutic ultrasound (8UU24)
  • BMB502617 – Radiotherapy physics (8UU04)
  • BMB502717 – Advanced MR physics 1 (8UU02)
  • BMB503317 – Advanced MR physics 2 (8UU03)