Student projects

Bachelor End Projects

We offer BEP projects that are directly linked to the ongoing research of the people in our group, giving you the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art techniques for relevant problems. You can even opt to do your BEP at the UMCU, for a first taste of a research project within a hospital. Each student will have an individual project, but we try to cluster a number of them on a similar topic. In this way students can support each other to some extent. Obviously, you will have a researcher from the group as supervisor.

If you have any questions about doing a BEP on Medical Imaging, you can contact Josien Pluim,

Examples of past BEPs:

Master End Projects

Your MSc project can be with us, but it can also be external or in collaboration with an external partner, if you want.The projects below are listed in order of date they were added, from most recent to least recent one. You can ask us about any of the projects in this list, but with older ones there is a risk they are no longer open or the topic has changed. You can find numerous MSc theses of past projects from our group in the TU/e repository.

Externship projects

The externship is a short-term project (14 weeks) to be performed abroad (preferably) or somewhere in the Netherlands that is not TU/e. Only foreign students are allowed to do their externship at TU/e. Some of the projects in the list of master projects above are also available as shorter projects for an externship. Your mentor can help you with suggestions as well. The externship is concluded by a report and a presentation at TU/e. For more information see the frequently asked questions.